life in General.

In recent weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about life in general. I’ve spent the latter half of thirty-something years “floating” through life, making decisions based on emotion and impulse rather than reason and commonsense. I refused to fall-in-line or conform to the blueprint society has prefabricated for us.  I guess you could say I chose the “red pill” instead of the “blue pill” (The Matrix). Meaning, I decided to live more of a free-spirited life, one with few boundaries and/or limitations.

While fun and exciting, this type of nomadic existence doesn’t allow one to settle long enough to “dig-in” and establish roots. Roots that would one day grow into something tangible or real. Something that makes sense.

Some may say that life is all about living to the fullest and learning by trial and error (experimentation). To some extent, I agree. However, when does the time come for one to “lay/hang his (or her) hat”? When does everything we do in life began to come together and make sense? Is the blueprint I mentioned above the key to understanding the complexities of life? Is religion the answer? Philosophy? Dr. Phil? Is life supposed to make sense?

IS LIFE SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE? That’s the  million dollar question.  I’m beginning to believe that life is an infinite cycle of beginnings and endings (it is, but I’m relating it more to what goes on in my life–i.e. end one relationship, begin another/end one job,begin another/etc.), which means I will never fully understand what life is all about until I get to the “upper room”. This revelation, of sorts, has made me question everything. Should I settle down, have kids, go back to school, keep my job, start a business, etc.

Maybe I’m at the cusp of a midlife crisis. Who knows. All I know is that I’m tired of chasing my tail.


2 Responses to “life in General.”

  1. Wow… That has lots of depth. I personally believe that life is all about lessons and preparation for more to come.

    I think our passions are significant in life… we are nearing fulfillment when living out our passions, right? And it must also be about giving… of oneself, what use is keeping all that passion, about whatever it may be, hidden?

    Love plays a major role in life as well, I believe… what is life WITHOUT it? To love is to be amazed, overwhelmed, and maybe even loved back… it’s a must!

    I think another major part of life is the spiritual side of us… now if that side is found through religion or through something else is insignificant in my opinion… but I do feel that it is important to find it. Know who you really are, the gifts you have, the power you were created with…

    If we can somehow align our passions, love and spirit I think life may begin to actually make sense…

    just my thoughts… I think about some of what you wrote quite often 🙂

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