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life (like love) is fragile

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life (like love) is fragile

so i tiptoe on eggshells

tempting to avoid fate

no longer hoping to escape

only cope

still a hapless romantic

in love with life

but left at the altar time and time again

how many broken hearts can one man stand

how many times can i pick myself up

dust myself off

and (just) start over

i’m tired

weakened by failure

saddened by despair

and void of love

but life is unforgiving


and unfazed by empty promises

and wandering hearts

life (like love) is fragile

but i still tiptoe on eggshells

tempting to avoid fate


para aquellos que viven en mi barrio

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i just came across a picture that reminded me of “back in the day”. a time when three little boys-black, puerto rican and dominican-were inseparable. not a gang or hoodlums. brothers. or hermanos.
a time when friendships weren’t just about facebook and getting linkedin. a time when being from “the neighborhood” meant something positive. we took care of each other. i miss that.

i miss the fried pork chops and potatoes stuffed with beef
victor’s mom used to cook
i miss the crush I had on victor’s sister Joanna
he never knew about that
i miss sharing frozen red kool-aid with crooked popsicle sticks
i miss chico sticks and funyuns
i miss $.25 hugs and fried bologna sandwiches
only $1.25 plus tax
i miss playing stickball in the street until we couldn’t see the ball
or playing “catch-a-girl-freak-a-girl”
our version of hide-and-seek
i never caught Joanna
i miss doing backflips on old mattresses and break dancing on cardboard
we were terrible
i miss block parties and music
we used to call it hip-hop salsa
those were the days
i miss playing miss pacman on that busted black and white tv
we couldn’t even see the top of the screen
i miss stonewashed jeans
and basement haircuts
only $5.oo, $6.00 if you wanted a part
more importantly, i miss my boys
we never let money, culture or race define us
only bind us
so this is for my boys
and like victor used to say
“para aquellos que viven en mi barrio”

cogs in a crooked system

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wicked minds weave webs of deceit
nickel and diming the common man
so the rich and powerful can feast
masking their lies as standard business practice
schooling the new breed of MBA masterminds
on how to mislead and exploit the masses

what kind of world has the greed of man created
oblivious to god’s will
evil celebrated
mans’ value calculated using fica scores and net worth
brainwashed and conditioned to follow this elitist script from birth

there must be truth in money being the root of all evil
stronger than the family institution
choosing profit over people
becoming nothing more then cogs in a crooked system
morally bankrupt
slowly strangled by the bankers’ lynch-men

most of us oblivious to the real writing on the wall
forgetting that greed and ignorance caused the greatest civilizations to fall
breaking news!!!!
the earth shakes from more bombs and quakes
one caused by a quest for power
the other a lack in faith

tears fill craters becoming rivers of torment and pain
the common man screams for REVOLUTION!
the people rise for change
mood somber
the quiet before the storm


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i sit staring blankly at the screen
unfamiliar places
people without names
yet news of their deaths move me
some in the name of religion
others in the name of
freedom and
tanks crush dreams
bullets shatter lives
hate divides man and
faith is lost in suffering
innocent blood is shed on the streets
the blood of men, women and children is shed on the streets
a mother mourns her son
the people mourn a nation
martyrs are celebrated and
governments are condemned
how many more must die
in the name of religion, freedom and democracy

when will the killing stop?


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work hard, live little
acquire material things
things we equate with success, our piece of the american dream
a dream truly deferred, fictitious

yet we hunger for more
acting as passive participants
subdued by non-sense
racing to the top of a never ending mountain
no finish line in sight, continuous (cycle)

media bombardment, tel-li(e)- vision
constant reminders about what we don’t have or possess
position on the social scale
low, non-existent

reaching the end-point
choosing quality of life over material happiness
something tangible over insubstantial
figuring out the true meaning of life, existentialism

figuring out your true meaning of life
your true meaning of life
your meaning of life
your life, freedom

that’s the only way to be free
to be truly free
free to live
to love
and be

love is a four-letter word

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love is a four-letter word that means,

if i had to chose between you and monday night football, i would chose you – every other monday

love is a four-letter word that means,

you + me = we, as in us, together

love is a four-letter word that means,

every second of everyday my thoughts are consumed by you

how our kids would look or how beautiful you would be in that wedding dress

love is a four-letter word that means,

no matter how grey your hair gets or how much weight you gain from your favorite cookies, I’m not going anywhere

love is a four-letter word that means,

je t’aime de tout mon coeur or

“i love you with all my heart” in french (yes, i speak more than one language)

love is a four-letter word that means,

la vida no significa nada sin ti or

“life means nothing without you” in spanish, i think, google translator

love is you and me, together, forever

life in General.

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In recent weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about life in general. I’ve spent the latter half of thirty-something years “floating” through life, making decisions based on emotion and impulse rather than reason and commonsense. I refused to fall-in-line or conform to the blueprint society has prefabricated for us.  I guess you could say I chose the “red pill” instead of the “blue pill” (The Matrix). Meaning, I decided to live more of a free-spirited life, one with few boundaries and/or limitations.

While fun and exciting, this type of nomadic existence doesn’t allow one to settle long enough to “dig-in” and establish roots. Roots that would one day grow into something tangible or real. Something that makes sense.

Some may say that life is all about living to the fullest and learning by trial and error (experimentation). To some extent, I agree. However, when does the time come for one to “lay/hang his (or her) hat”? When does everything we do in life began to come together and make sense? Is the blueprint I mentioned above the key to understanding the complexities of life? Is religion the answer? Philosophy? Dr. Phil? Is life supposed to make sense?

IS LIFE SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE? That’s the  million dollar question.  I’m beginning to believe that life is an infinite cycle of beginnings and endings (it is, but I’m relating it more to what goes on in my life–i.e. end one relationship, begin another/end one job,begin another/etc.), which means I will never fully understand what life is all about until I get to the “upper room”. This revelation, of sorts, has made me question everything. Should I settle down, have kids, go back to school, keep my job, start a business, etc.

Maybe I’m at the cusp of a midlife crisis. Who knows. All I know is that I’m tired of chasing my tail.